Competitive Strategies, LLC


Competitive Strategies offers professional consulting services that will help improve your competitive position.  We are particularly adept at using technologies such as cloud networking and wireless communications to help gain a competitive advantage for you.

We start with a detailed situational analysis, including an assessment of where you stand on the key factors of success in your industry. We can provide a comprehensive assessment and recommendations for your corporate strategy, major business development initiatives, your sales and marketing plan and/or your deployment of advanced technologies.

The leadership team at Competitive Strategies has run several small to medium-sized businesses and has held high-level executive positions in Fortune 500 companies. We have raised over $800 million in capital and have nurtured companies from an idea through the entire business cycle, including the sale of on-going business operations. We have successfully negotiated scores of business transactions, with values up to $750 million.

Competitive Strategies brings a unique blend of analytical vigor, industry knowledge, operational experience and creative imagination to its client engagements. To gain a better insight into our capabilities, just ask us how we can help to improve your competitive strategies. We’ll provide you a high-level assessment at no cost or obligation.